ArcSoft PhotoStudio Darkroom Portable

ArcSoft PhotoStudio Darkroom Portable | 147 Mb

ArcSoft PhotoStudio Darkroom is an image processing solution that meets the needs of a wide range of users, said Michael Downs, ArcSoft Vice President of Marketing and Business Development. Were excited to broaden that range by offering support for even more RAW formats. We think our users will be excited about the additional format support and our new features like recipe copy and paste, and various one-click blemish removal tools that make it even easier for them to get professional-looking results.

Broader RAW Format Support
The program fully supports popular RAW file formats by Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Adobe (DNG), Sony, Kodak, Olympus, Sigma, Mamiya, and Epson. The newly released formats will continue to be updated once available.

A Full Set of Non-Destructive Enhancement and Editing Tools
The program comes with a complete set of professional and intuitive photo editing features, all integrated into one single panel for easy access. Key features include: white balance, exposure, crop, spot & red-eye removal, color effects, curves, levels, etc. Changes made are saved without modifying the original file, so you can start over or re-adjust anytime without quality-loss.

High Performance and High-Quality Processing
Utilize the advanced memory handling capabilities on your computer to obtain high performance and high quality processing, saving both time and hassle.

World-Leading De-noise Technology
The world-leading software-based De-Noise technology automatically reduces photo noises efficiently and easily.

Brush Action to Assign Masked area(s) for Partial-Image Editing
Brush is a new action in this version which allows you to edit assigned areas of an image. The stroke, opacity, and strength of the brush can be adjusted by dragging the sliders. The Feather effect can be added to the stroke as well to create soft edges. Areas which are brushed will be masked; a total of five different masks can be made. You can then apply exposure, brightness, contrast, saturation, blur, and sharpness adjustments to the masked areas.

Auto Detection and Removal of Sensor Hot / Dead Pixel
PhotoStudio Darkroom automatically detects, records, and effectively removes sensor hot/dead pixels of your camera from your photos.

Face Beautify Gives Flawless Beauty to the Face
The newly added Face Beautify function automatically reduces blemishes on the face, such as wrinkles, moles, spots, and freckles, to make the face look younger and flawless, while still maintaining the original facial traits such as pores to keep a natural facial appearance.

Professional Print Module
The embedded professional design and easy-to-customize printing templates allow you to arrange photos for printing in different sizes on one or many pages. The ICC profile is supported.

Enhanced Before and After View Modes
Besides the original left-right view, three additional comparison modes (left-right, split left-right, top-bottom, and split top-bottom ) are provided to make it easier for you to complete the final piece.

Key Features:
Built-in photo browser (NEW)
Import from camera or removable drive (NEW)
Non-destructive image processing
Support for RAW, JPEG, and TIFF files
Broad RAW format support: Canon, Nikon, Panasonic, Adobe DNG, Sony (NEW), Kodak (NEW), Olympus (NEW), Sigma (NEW), Mamiya (NEW), Epson (NEW)
Lightning-fast performance
Exposure adjustment
White balance adjustment
Lens correction
Curves and levels adjustment
Crop and straighten
Automatic red-eye removal (NEW)
One-click spot and patch removal (NEW)
High quality image output
Batch export
Support for the most popular color spaces
Copy and paste recipe (NEW)
Convert RAW to Adobe DNG (NEW)


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